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August 18, 2009
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I has your hat... by TehEmmatureDoodlebug I has your hat... by TehEmmatureDoodlebug
"Mweeee, I are pilot!" 8D

Just a doodle of Emma and her "Mr Sky" X3 but I hope it cheers my Brandon up :):heart:

Tried new shading and hair texture =3 I had NO idea PSP had a smudge option!

Emma (c) Me (and Sky *hit*)
Sky (c) *Experiment720 (and Emma... and me *gunned down*)
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This is definitely one of your best works to date.

The concept here is fantastic, you convey a playful moment between the two characters, clearly in love, in a way that just really makes one want to smile.

The entire image is soft and warm, easy on the eye. the soft colours also serve to subtly hint at the lightness of the mood between the two characters as well. This background is extremely effective. Not only does it fit well with the whole "aviation hat" idea, but it also reminds me how when two people are in love it can feel like you're floating in the clouds.

I love the happy expression on sky's face, he seems so content and pleased to be with the girl he loves, and Emma just looks tickled to death in her usual, fun loving manner.

The new style of texturing the hair on Sky and Emma is wonderful, I like that you experimented with something new, you did a great job.

And the way you made them both shine in the light is just adorable. You did great on their anatomies, sky's feet and Emma's feet are so adorable.

The whole thing is just beautiful, coloured gorgeously, the concept flows brilliantly, the choice of background is amazing and the expressions completely sell it. It's a perfect moment of love, it reminds us all that the best part of loving someone is the simple joys that it brings.

Wonderful job angel, I'm so proud of you.
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dancing-on-the-jetty Aug 24, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Very cute you guys! :)
lordzasz Aug 19, 2009  Professional General Artist
Really beautiful work, I love how soft and fuzzy this picture feels... it just says love! ^^
Aron-361 Aug 19, 2009  Hobbyist Filmographer
Well isn't Emma just a little hat thief! xD Very cute picture! Sky looks so happy with Emma there! XD
Rosieposie38 Aug 19, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Very nice hair texture indeed :clap:
Also a very sweet drawing! :love: They are just so adorable together! Makes me all happy and such :giggle:
123qaz123 Aug 19, 2009
You just keep getting better. :clap:

This is a very cute and funny pic. I love the poses and expressions here. Emma looks really cute with that new hat. Perhaps she should get herself one too because Sky might want it back. :giggle:

And background works very well too. It is among the best ones you have made. :nod:

I must fav! :iconplusfav:
I think it looks amazing dude 8D I LOVE how you did the hair, it's AMAZING!

It's so adorable it makes me sick :iconimhappyplz: Great job dude ^^
HOW CAN HE BE SO f'KING FAST?!?!?! D8< *bricked*...magic I guess :meow:

Gawd, blahblahblahblahblah -.-; *SHOTWITHBAZOOKA*

Devil:*lies down bazooka* Ok, now for the pic. I really got the sence of this is up in the very skies mostly cause of the slight shadings on the skies and the blue background. Great job, but its maybe a bit too blurry, if you get the idea?:) But I gotta say I really like how you did the tails, how did you make it look all "fluffy"like? Oo Maybe you could have added some more shading on the characters, cause I noticed where Sky's feets are touching it looks a bit like they...kinda blend together, or maybe thats just me.:shrug:

Otherwise, this is very good and I think you did a great job on this ^^ :clap:
Me: *watches Sky easily dodge bazooka fire*

You know he's programmed to be able to evade any kind of anti-aircraft fire. :) No flying recon experiment would be complete without it!

BF: And no flying recon experiment would be complete without WINGS, either..

Me: Shut up. >>

Sky: Oooh, new toy! *picks up bazooka and fires it at Devil*

Sky: OOPSH! SOWWY! MEEGA SOKA! *dismantles it and throws the parts in various directions*
Devil:*avoids it with a last second jump*Hey hey!! D8 I was shooting at MM not you OO;;;Chill out...

Me: Yeah...bleh x_x

Devil: I dun have anything against you Sky, really! D: besides its not even my bazooka Oo;

Me:...hey, where did you get it anyway?

Devil:...I have no idea~ :P

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