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February 12, 2010
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One Year: Parachute by TehEmmatureDoodlebug One Year: Parachute by TehEmmatureDoodlebug
Used this picture from ~capricornfox as a reference: [link] Thank you so much for letting me ^^

Anyway YES

One. Motherfucking year bitches.


Yeeeeeeah, I love BF and Ruby’s expressions here, they’re like “... yeah, remember how you said you we’re gonna split us up no matter what? It’s just like... we’re still together and stuff soooo... is that all you got bitch?” XDDDD *slapped*

Sorry, just feeling oh so happy and triumphant today. For the first time in a while XD;;;


:heart::iconexperiment720::heart: Brandon, thank you so much for the best year of my life. And I know what you’re thinking right now: “The hell? How is it? Because of me, you had friends leave you, and things have been tense with your family and *insert other compliment diving excuses here*”

Well yeah OK, it was tough, it was testing, I was hurt many times by other people and worn down by life and situations... but you know what? I wouldn’t trade it in a heartbeat. Yeah, I lost some friends but I’ve met some even more awesome ones through Brandon ^^ ones that WOULDN’T stab me in the back and treat me like a baby or a slut... yeah... ¬¬

BUT. I think I’m slowly but surely becoming a better person as well, learning more about myself and accepting myself. For those that don’t know me very well, I’m not always happy and batshit nuts and all that shizzle X3 I try but I slip more often than not. But Brandon has been here to pick me up when I feel shitty and I do my best to do the same for him. I hope it’s enough <3

Thank you so much for this year honey. And here’s for a hell of a lot more to come. :heart:

I based the title and the picture from ‘Parachute’ by Cheryl Cole. Listen to the lyrics; it’ll make sense X3 and I actually put Ruby and BF in the same outfits as the Lady In Red images. Not sure why, it’s probably an ongoing theme for those two XD

Also OMG BRANDOONNN <3333 you are amazing and I will totally comment when I come back online after my much needed nap and my dinnerrrrr OMG I LOVE YOU

... yeah, people, read this XD; [link]

Happy one year baby. I love you. :heart:

Ruby (c) ME
BF (c) *Experiment720
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PostBoxRomance Feb 17, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
It's just over 2 weeks to go Emma!!

This is really purdy, I'm glad you got this finished :D you looked like you were gonna rip your hair out during that free we had :XD:

It looks amazing though and congrats on the year anniversary both of you! :D
123qaz123 Feb 14, 2010
This is not the end...

...this is only the beginning!!!! :evillaugh:

You did great job with the pose. They work just right. I like their clothes a lot too. :clap:

Colors are really soft and well chosen too. :thumbsup:

Happy anniversary and fave! :iconplusfav:
Aron-361 Feb 13, 2010  Hobbyist Filmographer
So adorable! ^^ Congrats to you too! :lol:
Xperiment-Xackt Feb 12, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Oh mai O:, so awesome, this artwork, their expressions.....Brandon holding his love Cx
I think the expressions are the coolest part, you two are just like "Yeah were together, suck it."
Heh nice piece :)
Oh my god...this is...this is...this.....0.0

It's gorgeous, its...its amazing, I....*speechless*

*tries to compose himself*


*tries again*

Yeah to everyone who said we wouldn't make it...this shows that love can and will survive when its real, no matter how far apart you are, when you truly love someone you can make it last.

Emma, I am so sorry for the struggles youve had to go through this year as a result of your relationship with me, but I'm so glad you stayed at my side, and that you feel it was worth it. I only hope that the love that I give you makes you truly happy, and that you know that i care deeply for you in so many ways. And that I'll never leave your side.

In 2 weeks and 6 days, we will be together, and people will see then just how real this has been all along. And emma, this blows me is astoundingly gorgeous...just beautiful....i cant even express how amazing this is, except to say, this is my new desktop and will be for a long ass time. 0.0

I love you so much! I wouldnt trade the last year for the world. I want you, I love you, and I always will. I'm your angel. :heart:
TheOttselMaster Feb 12, 2010  Student Writer
awwww thats so sweet ^___^
STITCH62633 Feb 12, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
omg so cute
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